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//////****MY WEBSITE****//////

#include "stdio.h"

#include "stdlib.h"

void function(){

char salutation[Oi, Hola, Hello, Hallo];

char name[Stefhany Oliveira];

char e_mail[];

char phone[+55 73 988459979];

while (about_me){


I'm Graduated in Analysis and Systems Development and Especialist in Computer Forensics and Digital Expertise. I have been in the Information Technology market for more than 8 years with experience in web site development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript), web design , mobile applications (Android, iOS) and Database Modeling(SQL, MySql, Oracle). In addition I have experience with Scrum, DevOps and CRM. I always love to acquire new experiences and knowledge, I am always taking new courses and informing myself about the new technologies and methodologies of the IT market. I love technology and programming because the technology allows us is always in touch with new things and the programming works with our mind showing our more creative side. Besides programming, learning new languages and getting to know other cultures is my passion. I have a good level of writing and conversation in English and Spanish and currently I am learning German, because besides being a very beautiful language, I think it is challenging for the Portuguese speakers.